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Odour Control for Grey Waste Water

Wasteguard is an unique new concept which effectively solves an old problem – odours from stored waste water. Waste water contains a variety of bacteria, organic nutrients and many other offensive odours, together with bacteria matrix, which grow within the waste container. Uncontrolled, these growths present a health hazard

Wasteguard eradicates bacteria, bacteria matrix and odours, thereby removing the health hazard. The interior surface of the waste container is then free of growths which is easily rinsed between use with the added advantage to the environment

Wasteguard is added via the sink drain


  • Destroys odours by oxidation, does not mask
  • Prevents contamination from bacteria
  • Keeps sink drain fresh from odours
Is the mark of Safe Quality for Water Purifying Products


Clean Tabs is listed by NSF International
Clean Tabs tablets are Certified by NSF To ANSI 60 Standard (Drinking Water Treatement Chemicals)
Clean Tabs Products are exclusive for the treatment of stored water with over 30 years of experience