Puri Sol

Introducing Puri Sol

Puri Sol is formulated to clean and purify water tanks and water systems, removing biofilm, killing micro-organisms and eliminating tastes and odours.

Once inside a water system, bacteria obtain nutrients to grow on inner surfaces, secreting a protective matrix biofilm which cannot be penetrated by most biocides. Puri Sol will lift the biofilm, kill the bacteria underneath and eradicate tastes and odours

Puri Sol should be used to purify a water system at the beginning and end of each season and whenever there is a build-up of unpleasant tastes and odours. When adding fresh water to the tank use only Aqua Sol to treat the water.

Usage:300ml bottle treats up to 250 litre tank

£10.50 Inc VAT

Puri Sol is Triple Action

Cleans the water system – tank, pipes, pump and taps.

Destroys bacteria, viruses, spores, algae, fungi, cysts and bacterial biofilm.

Eliminates tastes and odours from iron, manganese, and other metallic phenols, trichlorophenol, hydrogen sulphides and sulphides.

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