It is well known that safe drinking water is essential to good health. Of equal importance is that water used for domestic purposes, brushing teeth, washing, cooking, washing fruit and vegetables and making ice, is of the same high standard.

When away on holiday, touring by caravan or motorhome, or cruising in boats, an essential water supply must then be carried in a storage tank or container and usually piped through a low pressure water system.

As water from a good public supply is added to a storage tank, the water quality will deteriorate from that moment and micro-organisms can grow within the water storage system to unhealthy levels.

Water should be treated as it is added to a storage tank to prevent the growth of bacteria and a potential health hazard.

Treat the water when filling up with either Midi Tabs or Aqua Sol.

Biofilms – The real danger

As soon as a clean water storage system is filled with water, a biofilm begins to form on the inner surfaces of the water system.

Water stored in a tank or container is exposed to an environment which is ideal for the growth of micro-organisms. Bacteria attach themselves to the inner surfaces of the tank and pipes and secrete a slimy glue like matrix biofilm. Bacteria within a biofilm then multiply, enlarging the biofilm which releases bacteria to form further biofilms in the tank and pipes and infecting the water passing through.

There are many areas of concern, including:

  • Multiplication of bacteria including pathogens that cause disease such as pneumonia, typhus and legionella to name but a few.
  • Producing off tastes, odours and colour problems
  • Bacteria induced corrosion and scaling
  • Biofilms will grow faster within flexible plastic tubing which supplies nutrients for bacteria growth and provides protection for many types of bacteria and fungi
  • Biofilms are extremely difficult to remove and specially formulated products are required to to penetrate the biofilm and eradicate the bacteria within

Water systems should be cleaned and disinfected at least at the beginning and end of each season with Puriclean or PuriSol by soaking for 1 to 12 hours.

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