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Frequently Asked Questions

I am concerned about problems with storing water. Which product should I use?

Stored water is always of some concern. Use products as follows:- Use Puriclean to clean and disinfect the water tank and pipelines at least at the beginning and end of each season, or use PuriSol instead if there are persistent bad odours. Use Midi Tabs or Mega Tabs to purify the water each time the tank is filled with water, or use Aqua Sol instead if the water has bad tastes and odours.

How long can a cleaning product be left in the water system?

Follow the directions to soak for 1 to 12 hours. The products can be left for up to 24 Hours if necessary, but remember that organic matter has been lifted from surfaces and debris is loose inside the water system. This should be rinsed out as soon as possible to avoid re-depositing within the system.

Now the water system is clean and filled with water, will the water keep in good condition?

No, even in a clean and disinfected water system, fresh water added to the storage tank, will begin to deteriorate immediately. To avoid this and to keep the water fresh, add Midi Tabs or Aqua Sol to the water when filling the tank.

Will any of the products affect the water heater or filter?

Midi Tabs or Aqua Sol in the water will not adversely affect the water heater and will assist a carbon filter by eradicating bacteria within the water filter. When cleaning the water system with Puriclean or PuriSol, used as directed, will not harm but will clean and disinfect the water heater. A filter cartridge should be removed as any debris may cause blockage.

The water has a TCP taste. Is there anything I can do?

A TCP taste in the water can be caused by a dubious supply or an incorrect filling hose, but more usually from phenol leaching from flexible plastic pipes within the water system. Use of Aqua Sol in the water will eradicate this and other tastes and odours.

Do I have to rinse the tank and system after cleaning?

After cleaning and disinfecting a water system, it is essential to rinse with fresh water to remove any remaining product and to flush out all debris cleaned from surfaces and held in suspension before it can re-deposit.

I have a water filter fitted, why do I need to treat the water or water system?

An activated carbon water filter is useful to remove some tastes from water if fitted close to the outlet. Unfortunately it does not remove bacteria and can also provide an ideal bed for bacteria growth. Use of Midi Tabs, Mega Tabs or Aqua Sol added to the water will eradicate bacteria in the water and water filter.

Is it harmful to children and animals?

Midi Tabs and Aqua Sol, used as directed in water, will not harm children and animals. In fact, they may be saved from stomach upset from suspect water. It is important that all products should be kept away from children, in original packaging when they could be harmful if consumed in it’s concentrated form.

Does it harm the environment?

All active ingredients are biodegradable. When used as directed, they begin to degrade when in contact with micro-organisms and biomass within the water system and completely when discharged.

Will it corrode like bleach?

All the products are not corrosive when used as directed and are completely different to bleach. Bleach is hypochlorite which is a harsh corrosive chemical and must not be used in connection with drinking water or a water storage system.

Is chlorine dioxide a chlorine?

Chlorine dioxide is not another form of chlorine the two compounds are completely different. Chlorine dioxide has “no elemental free chlorine” and can be used to eradicate the taste and odour of chlorine. It has world-wide approval for drinking water, high efficacy against bacteria, fungi, yeasts, algae and protozoa. It has little or no effect on human, animal or fish cells.

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Clean Tabs is listed by NSF International
Clean Tabs tablets are Certified by NSF To ANSI 60 Standard (Drinking Water Treatement Chemicals)
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