Products Developed to care for the many aspects of stored water

Clean Tabs Ltd has made a detailed study over many years of the problems associated with small scale water storage in Boats - Caravans - Motor Homes - Coaches. The deterioration of water quality when stored and contamination of the water storage system, requires specialised treatment to be effective.

Clean Tabs Ltd have developed a range of products, specially formulated, to care for the many aspects of stored water. The following pages give an explanation of some of the problems encountered and the products to use to avoid them.

Is the mark of Safe Quality for Water Purifying Products

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Clean Tabs is listed by NSF International
Clean Tabs tablets are Certified by NSF To ANSI 60 Standard (Drinking Water Treatement Chemicals)
Clean Tabs Products are exclusive for the treatment of stored water with over 30 years of experience

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Thanks for your speedy reply. I will use only Puriclean from now on.